No Ammonia

No Henna

Vegan Hair Dye


Are you always dyeing your hair chemicals or henna hair dye? Henna might be natural, but it might cause burn on the scalp or irritation to sensitive scalp. Too many chemical hair dyes can result in getting cancer or severe hair loss problems.


Are you embarrassed by the herbal smell left by the herbal hair dyes?


Gray hair is annoying and has to be dyed often to maintain your overall looks.

So what will be a better choice?

We have what you've been looking for precisely! Here at TrichoMD,

We are using 100% Natural Botanical Hair Dye freshly grinded in Singapore.

This unique hair dye formula will leave your hair and scalp feeling extremely clean and fresh-smelling without the heavy smell of traditional herbs. Not only that, but the hair dye can also be applied directly to the scalp without color stains. The botanicals in it will deep cleanse the scalp and unclog hair follicles while delivering nutrients and stimulating hair growth.

Therefore, it is healthy, hypoallergenic, sensitive-scalp friendly, 100% Gray hair coverage, and produces long-lasting colors.

. Half shorter coloring time than traditional henna, herbal dyes, and chemical dyes.
. Do not affect straightening or perming effect after coloring.
. Pleasant Scent with no chemical or herbal smell.
. No stinging or tingling sensation throughout the whole hair coloring process
. It has almost the same natural pH as our scalp and hair (pH 4-5), so it will not irritate or damage our hair.
. No Henna, No Ammonia, No Hydrogen Peroxide, No Resorcinol, No Preservatives, No PPD, No Solvent, No Silicon, No SLS, No SLES.



After 4 Sessions


Before Hair Coloring

After Hair Coloring

*From Root Touch Up to Full Head Coloring. Prices starting from $39 onwards.