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Hair is an non-essential tissue to our body, and it has very high nutritional requirements to thrive. Hair receives the last support for nutrients but yet it needs the most. Our hair cells are the second fastest growing cells in the body compared to intestinal cells, and there will be lots of competition for the strands on our scalp.

Sudden Hair Thinning or Hair Loss Conditions

May Indicate Health Issues or Body Deficiencies

Is Your Health Hair Sufficient?


Jenny Wong established TRICHOMD Hair Restoration & Laboratories. Being a Board Certified Trichologist(UK) and Member of The International Board of Medicine & Surgery(US), she is also an Accredited Lecturer of The IEBDAC(UK) in Aesthetics and Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP). She has innovated World's First Non-Invasive SMP Scalp Micropigmentation Procedure.




Scalp Micropigmentation(SMP) is a procedure that aesthetically mimics the natural hair follicles by placing pigments on a superficial level onto the scalp's skin with hyper-realistic-looking results.


World's First Non-Invasive Scalp Micropigmentation Technique with no downtime, no topical anesthesia, and no aftercare. 

Men Health & Hair Loss
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